Chocolatier Essentials

Our Chocolatier Essentials are all you'll ever need to create those rich, chocolatey dishes whether you are a homemaker, baker or professional chef or chocolatier. Start from whole food cacao nibs and ground cacao that are great for snacks and smoothies, melt your way towards the familiar chocolate chips/drops and move up to manipulate your extra cacaco butter couverture. The HUGE difference with commercial varieties out there? Ours is #fewerbetter ingredients. All our chocolates are FREE of palm oil, kernel oil, flavorings, lecithin  additives. Our cacao comes from our very own farms in Agusan del Sur so we guarantee you're getting whole cacao beans. And to each his own, so choose a kit that's regular milk or dark, vegan, or sugarfree+vegan. You deserve great chocolates!
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