Eat your Greens - White Milk Chocolate with Moringa and Green Tea Matcha - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
Green isn't just healthy, it's fun too! Our remastered Eat Your Greens now has rice crispies so while white chocolate base with real prime-grade green tea matcha and moringa olifeira melts in your mouth, you'll enjoy the texture of crunching...
Dhs. 28.00 Dhs. 25.20
No Stress Here 45% Dark Milk Chocolate -Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
The sweetest and creamiest of our flavors at 45% cacao dark with milk. Kids and those with a sweet-tooth can keep on saying, “hakuna matata!” Science tells us one benefitof cacao is that it relaxes the brain with its feel-good...
Dhs. 28.00
Going nuts! 45% Dark Milk Chocolate with Roasted Whole Hazelnuts and Peanuts - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
  Crunch and munch on those proteins and healthy oil from nuts. Sweet and creamy, allkids at heart love this classic milk blend. All natural, no additives, no extenders. Rich in Omega-3 and Protein.  Suitable for: Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Diet - for...
Dhs. 28.00
Power-up 60% Dark Chocolate with Dates, Cranberry and Almonds - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
  Who doesn’t need that extra boost of energy before hitting the gym or when that unavoidable 3 pm slump is lurking? Energize with these crunchy nuts, that perfect 60% dark and all those healthy fruits and nuts balanced by...
Dhs. 28.00
In the Mood - 65% Dark Chocolate - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
Classic blend of only two ingredients – cacao and cane sugar. Perfect for dark chocolate connoisseurs who want the unadulterated, fine-flavor taste of single-origin chocolate. Coming from only one town in Agusan del Sur, this chocolate reveals fine tasting notes...
Dhs. 28.00
Gold Bar, Gold Finger 60% Dark Chocolate with Turmeric and Black Pepper - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
*FOR PREODER*  Will be available on January 15, 2022   Benefit from the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric as piperine from black pepperactivates turmeric’s efficacy. Rough Szechuan peppercorn give a slight lemony overtone and fragrant savory scent. You'll love this if...
Dhs. 28.00
High on Happy 60 % Dark Chocolate with Coconut Sugar - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
 The bar which makes people happy. Everyone thinks it has milk because it’s creamy and fudgy, but it doesn’t! Just the goodness of coconut sugar and the fine flavor of our single origin cacao. Friendly to diabetics, weight-watchers yet perfect...
Dhs. 28.00
That Skinny - 60% Dark Chocolates with Coconut Sugar, with Skinny Nuts - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
  We all want to be fit and healthy and some of us… just want to be skinny! This one’s for the choco addict who wants the nuts low in fat, the sugar natural and low in the glycemic index...
Dhs. 28.00
Post Workout Luvv - 90% Dark Choco Rich in Protein - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
Whoever said gyms and chocolates don’t mix haven’t heard about this healthy bar yet. 90% dark chocolate from slow, medium roasted cacao beans delight taste buds while it makes for a good recovery snack, fortified with plant protein + all...
Dhs. 28.00
Wide Awake - 90% Hot, Dark Turkish Chocoffee - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
Think SUPER DARK chocolates is not for you? IT WILL BE. Our 90% dark (yes, ninety!) comes from slow and medium-roasted premium cacao beans from only one town, one origin. This is the secret to keeping those delicate tasting notes...
Dhs. 28.00
Champorado Milk Chocolate - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
Champorado is a recreated breakfast dish where chocolate rice is eaten with salted crispy anchovies. Traditionalists and adventurers will both love this unique milk chocolate flavor mildly laced with REAL anchovies!  ----------------------------------------- Our Dubai Expo 2020 Limited Edition flavors and...
Dhs. 35.00
Tropical Fruit Salad in Dark Chocolate - Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cane sugar-Free Chocolate Bar
Fruit Salad is a dessert that is ever-present in every celebration among Flipino homes. We pay tribute to the Philppine mangoes known globally for its delicate sweetness and unique soft texture; setting it apart from other variants of mangoes. -----------------------------------------...
Dhs. 35.00
Tsokolate Negra - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
Tsokolate Negra will bring you to Agusan del Sur where our fine flavor caco comes from. Described by some as nutty, by others as nutty and fruity, we invite you to enjoy REAL chocolate. Smell it first, let it roll...
Dhs. 35.00
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