Chocolatera Pot Mixer (Molinillo)
Molinillo is the traditional wooden mixer that allows optimal whisking because of its increased surface area. Ideal for that delicious, authentic cacao chocolatl drink or for other liquids too. The widest diameter measures 5 cm and the length is 33.5...
Dhs. 50.00
Batirol Chocolatera in Copper (Chocolate Pot)
We are feeling the love for this beautiful batirol. Under production and will be back on stock on July 1, 2021. Preorder now. ------------------------------------------------- Batirol is the curved wide-belly traditional Latin American pot used to heat chocolatl drink. We have...
Dhs. 95.00
Chocolate Pot Warmer (Natural Stone Burner)
Keep the chocolatl warm once you light the tea candle in this specially-designed natural stone burner that holds our batirol perfectly. Size: 9.2 cm diameter x 5 cm height.
Dhs. 120.00
Sold Out
Steelite Cup and Saucer - Terracotta
Available in 3 colors, our 8 oz. (220 ml) cup + 14.5 cm diameter doublewall saucer set is curated to harmonize with our black stone burnerand light color wood mango tray. We recommend: Craft Green for stainless steel batirolFarm Blue...
Dhs. 70.00
Mango Wooden Tray
This customized Co tray at 38.5 L x 22 W x 1.5 H cm keeps everything organized with its dedicated slots for all items – from batirol, molinillo, stone burner to cup and saucer – making carriage safe and super...
Dhs. 100.00
Batirol Chocolatera in Stainless Steel (Chocolate Pot)
Batirol is the curved wide-belly traditional Latin American pot used to heat chocolatl drink. We have carefully crafted hotel-quality batirol which perfectly pairs with the wooden molinillo (mixer). Widest diameter of pot excluding handle is 10.5 cm while total L x W x H...
Dhs. 80.00
Wire Whisk - Solo Size
Wire whisk in solo size made in stainless steel.
Dhs. 13.00
Sold Out
Sliding Keepsake Box
Made from repurposed wood, this 31 x 31 x 12 cm (ht) all-purpose gift box is  definitely a keepsake. Allow us to curate a gift set for your friends or for corporate give-aways.
Dhs. 250.00
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