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Our beans come from small-holding farmers who take pride in their produce and are part of our social enterprise. This is why we mention harvest time and exact area and region where cocoa beans were grown.

Health food and drinks are not “luxuries”. We created Co Chocolat with the health and wellness of our customers in mind. Aside from the hero ingredient cacao or cocoa, which comes from our very own social agri-enterprise, we use many superfood ingredients in our recipes. We prefer to use fruit as natural sweetener, and when we cannot avoid, we use refined sugar (”sweet poison”) minimally. Together with our clinical dietitian, we have determined how our chocolates will fit into specific dietary requirements – vegan, diabetic, triathlete, weight-watching, keto, paleo…


High on Happy 60 % Dark Chocolate with Coconut Sugar - Gluten-Free Chocolate Bar
Now also available in 30g size! The bar which makes people happy. Everyone thinks it has milk because it’s creamy and fudgy, but it doesn’t! Just the goodness of coconut sugar and the fine flavor of our single origin cacao....
Dhs. 32.00
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65% Classic Dark Hot Chocolate - Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-free
 Real 65% dark chocolate in tablet form. Not powder! This flavor is for purists who  want to drink real hot chocolatl, no dairy. Just real cacao, medium and slow roasted combined with cane sugar. Two ingredients = #fewerbetter.  And it...
Dhs. 80.00
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Rocher Tumbler - Almond & GF Cornflakes in No Stress Here
Luxurious treats of 150 grams of slivered almonds and gluten free cornflakes clustered together with No Stress Here Chocolate in a handy PVC Tumbler. Allergen: Contains milk and tree nuts. Produced in a facility that handles dairy and nuts.  Suitable for:...
Dhs. 60.00
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New Kids on the Block - NEW!
Get to know these 4 cool, new flavors, and if feeling generous, why not have this in our natural sinamay wrap and gift  to someone special? You’ll get 4 pcs of 30-gram bars in flavors: Affogato, Bronzed and Skinny, 8:01...
Dhs. 72.00
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