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Hazelnut Gianduja Spread 150g
  Centuries ago, a chocolatier in Turin, Italy named Michele Prochet was the first to use hazelnuts as extenders when there was scarcity in cacao and they called it “Gianduja”. At Co, we’ve gone back in time making hazelnuts and...
Dhs. 45.00
Green Hazelnut Gianduja Spread 150g (Vegan, Cane Sugar-Free, Gluten-free)
At Co, we've gone back in time making hazelnuts and cacao the heroes of our gianduja using olive oil to blend these superfoods together. And now, with our Green Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, we stepped up the health a notch higher....
Dhs. 55.00
Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Gianduja Spread 150g
Artisan peanut butter swirled with single-origin dark chocolates? This is heaven  spread. Olive oil used to grind well this merry couple. All natural, no additives, no coloring, no extenders.   Suitable for: High Fiber Diet - diet which consists of more...
Dhs. 40.00
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Cashew Gianduja Spread 150g
  All of nature’s goodness in Co’s original hazelnut gianduja except that cashew, a low-fat nut, is the hero of the day. A bit of spice just makes this healthy dark chocolate cashew spread nice.   Suitable for: High Fiber...
Dhs. 40.00
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