The Perfect Date (Part 2)

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In Part 1 of this series, we clearly established why dates stand proudly as a genuine superfood and it is for this reason we are absolutely in love with it. We continue paying homage to this great love in part two of this series.  In Part One, aside from finding out that dates have the highest concentration of polyphenols among dried fruits, it is rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals. Polyphenols by the way are generally involved in defense against ultraviolet radiation or aggression of pathogens. We also discussed which dates are best for diabetics and which ones are great for cooking and pre-work-out.

Co Chocolat Blog: The Perfect Date (Part 2)

But there’s more to this wrinkly old fruit! Married couples may want to consistently eat dates for several reasons. Now how do you find out which dates are which when you’re shopping? Find out below.

Other Health Benefits of DATES

Co Chocolat Blog: Mom and Dad Expecting

Sexual Stamina

In a study conducted by Shiraz University, there was an increase in estradiol and testosterone (hormones that control that sexual characteristics of a person) in subjects treated with date palm pollen. DPP consumption improved sperm count, motility, morphology, and DNA quality of sperm. [6]

Healthy Pregnancy

A randomized controlled trial was done to investigate the dates consumption in late pregnancy. Dates consumption reduced the need for labour augmentation with oxytocin but did not expedite the onset of labour. Therefore, dates consumption in late pregnancy is a safe supplement to be considered as it reduced the need for labour intervention without any adverse effect on the mother and child. [7]

Which date is which?

Dates are available year round, but because they are harvested in fall and early winter, they’re freshest then. There are three main categories of dates: soft, semisoft, and dry.

Dry dates, or bread dates, are not dates that have been deliberately dehydrated, as is the case with other kinds of dried fruits. Instead, they simply contain relatively little moisture when ripe.

Here are some varieties of dates you may find in the stores or at farmers’ markets.

  •  Barhi dates:Named for the hot Arabic winds called “Barh,” these dates are medium-sized, thin-skinned fruit with soft, tender flesh and a syrupy flavor.

Co Chocolat Blog: Barhi Dates


  • Deglet Noor dates:A semisoft date, deglet noor is the variety most often available and accounts for 95 percent of U.S. production. It has firm flesh and a color range from light red to amber.

Co Chocolat: Deglet Dates


  • Halawy dates:These soft dates are thick-fleshed, caramely, and sweet. Their appearance is wrinkled and the skin ranges from yellow to amber.

Co Chocolat Blog: Halawy Dates 

    • Khadrawy dates: Similar to the Halawys, these soft dates have a caramel-like texture and sweet flavor.

    Co Chocolat: Khadrawy dates

    • Medjool dates: These semisoft dates, sometimes called the Cadillac of dates, are sweet, moist, meaty, and firm-textured.

    Co Chocolat: Medjool dates


    • Thoory dates: This is a dry date with firm skin and chewy flesh.

    Co Chocolat Blog: Thoory dates


    • Zahidi dates: The Zahidi, a semisoft date, is called “Nobility.” It has a large seed and crunchy fibrous flesh, and is often processed for sliced dates and date sugar products.

      Co Chocolat Blog: Zahidi dates


    • The Chinese date, or jujube, is neither a variety of date nor a member of the same botanical family. It does, however, strongly resemble a true date in color and texture, and is used in much the same way. Unlike true dates, fresh Chinese dates are an excellent source of vitamin C: 2 ounces provide 43 percent of the RDA. Dried jujubes have less vitamin C, but, as with other dried fruit, there is a higher concentration of nutrients, including riboflavin, thiamin, iron, and potassium. [8]

    Co Chocolat Blog: Chinese dates or Jujube



    Dates are just a few of the many foods considered to be healthy in the world. It is a wonderful snack; can be used as a special ingredient in mouthwatering desserts, it is also a natural sugar replacement, and a culinary complement. That’s why you see it every time in our recipes! Dates’ remarkable health benefits might be the next big thing in improving health.  It may be small in size but it packs a heck of a punch in terms of nutritional goodness and for all these reasons we are forever in love with our perfect DATE.














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