Cacao harvested, aged and currently crafted by our chocolate-maker: February 2019 Harvest. Single-region from rainforests of Agusan del Sur.


Recipe: Super Dark Chocolate-Covered Dates

Super Dark Chocolate-Covered Dates

 1.3 min read

Recipe: Supermoist Double Chocolat Cake

Recipe: Supermoist Double Chocolat Cake
 1.6 min read

The Perfect Date (Part 2)

Co Chocolat Blog The Pefect Date (Part 2)
 7.1 min read In Part 1 of this series, we clearly established why dates stand proudly as a genuine superfood and it is for this reason we are abso...

The Perfect Date (Part 1)

The Perfect Date (Part 1)
 7.2 min read The word “date” normally brings images of that fleeting moment of romantic love. One date could just be a single encounter – tried on...