What Are Fine Flavor Chocolates - Are They Worth the Price?

 As the quote by John Q. Tullius declares, “Nine out of ten people love chocolate. The tenth person always lies”. So, what do we really love about chocolates?

There are three types of chocolate eaters. There’s one who simply wants to get a sweet fix from chocolates. When we think about chocolates, the first thing that comes to mind is sweet and tasty. Those who stop at that are mostly after getting a sweet fix from chocolates.

Co Chocolat Healthy, FIne Flavor, Single Origin Cacao from Agusan del Sur Chocolate Bars

Another type is the emotional chocolate eater. They have attached good memories and emotions to eating and receiving chocolates. They tend to crave chocolate flavors and packaging similar to those they have enjoyed before.

Then, there are those who correlate the joy of eating chocolate to excellence in the quality of food. They are mindful of the whole sensorial journey that comes with experiencing chocolate. This is where fine flavor chocolates come in.

It starts from the beautiful packaging, the intricate mold, the texture, and the aroma you get after snapping a piece of that chocolate bar. And then finally, the most satisfying part of the journey is letting the beautiful chocolate melt inside your mouth as you are greeted with a wonderful symphony of flavors.

What are fine flavor chocolates?

Fine flavor chocolates represent less than 5% of chocolate market sales but it is slowly gaining more popularity in the chocolate industry. All throughout its processing and manufacturing, fine flavor chocolate is carefully and intricately perfected to get the right flavor, texture, and appearance that the master chocolatier intended for it.

The combination of the ingredients is heftily considered from the high percentage of cocoa to the perfect amount of sweetener and other non-chocolate taste elements like spices and nuts.

Fine flavor chocolates are also defined by the sensory aspect of their flavors. Each creation has its own unique and complex flavor determined by the genetics of the cacao plant and the terroir of the regions where the cacao comes from.

Co Chocolat Cacao Flowers

The practices and the environmental factors like the type of climate and soil from which the cacao comes from affect the quality and flavor of the chocolate it creates. Climate is very important in cacao farming and this is why it is mostly grown in regions near the equator.

Single-origin and individually grown beans are also preferred to get the highest quality of beans and to ensure that the cacao is ethically grown, harvested, and processed.

Co Chocolat Cacao Pods Fine Flavor Chocolates

The visual factor is also well-curated. We also eat with our eyes and it makes the experience even more special that is why a lot of artistic care goes into designing fine flavor chocolates.

The chocolatier also takes the spotlight in the creation of fine flavor chocolates. It is important that the creator is a master not only of the basic techniques of chocolate tempering, developing flavors, and visual artistry but also in handling food safety and proper packaging.

The art of chocolate making is perfected not only through knowledge-based training but also through years of experience and practice. A fine flavor chocolatier is one who curates and executes the fine flavor experience masterfully.

Are fine flavor chocolates only for snobs?

Honestly, I shift between being an emotional and mindful chocolate lover at different times. I fall into the emotional chocolate trap when I see bags of popular chocolate brands I ate as a kid. I get giddy at the sight of them because I am reminded of how my aunts used to give them to me as treats. I would also get them as rewards from my parents for doing a good deed.

The emotional craving for chocolates happens to a lot of people. In fact, big chocolate companies spend so much time and money to analyze the emotional responses we get from our chocolate experiences. This is so they could come up with the best marketing strategies. However, it is when I am mindful of what I indulge in that is most satisfying.  It is when it feels even more rewarding and I actually get to know the character and quality of the chocolate I am eating.

Co Chocolat Chocolate Bar That Skinny

Is it because people who prefer fine flavor chocolates are snobs? Not exactly.

There are, of course, some chocolatiers who really jack up their prices or make it their main marketing scheme to cater to a certain clientele. Creating fine flavor chocolates is not about setting a higher price tag on the beloved treat. Especially at Co Chocolat, fine flavor chocolates are carefully and intricately made because we care about the health and wellness of our customers. We want more people to discover how chocolates can taste so good while being good for our bodies too –finally, truly healthy chocolates.

It was never about making chocolates exclusive –the more chocolates we make, the more people we can share the joyful experience with.

To top it all off, we believe that the best chocolates are those that are grown, harvested, and roasted ethically. We not only take care of our customers, we see to it that our cacao farmers are also thriving. The cacao farms are where fine flavor chocolates are born and it makes the experience all the more worth it.

It is our commitment to the whole Co Chocolat community of farmers, creators, and clients to provide finally, truly healthy, and ethical chocolates.

With that said, we created a tasting sheet to help you understand and experience chocolates even better. Here’s a sneak peek of the Co Chocolat tasting wheel. 

Co Chocolat Tasting Guide 

Co Chocolat Tasting Guide




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