The Co Chocolat Community

While sharing the goodness of Finally, Truly Healthy chocolates® , our community has grown as clients have become friends.

Introducing to you three of our friends from our Co Chocolat Community, @julesandnomads, @camiohara and @amigo0os. Find out about their chocolate favorites and their individual passions that have been truly inspirational for us.

We share with them the same values and love for honestly good chocolates while they too want our cacao farmers to prosper. These fun encounters that started with chocolates and food eventually lead to interesting and inspiring conversations. We discovered their passions through these exchanges and with our community growing bigger and more diverse each day, we figured it would just be awesome if we can inspire more people with fun and interesting features about our friends in the Co Chocolat Community.


Dubai, UAE
In Instagram, she is @julesandnomads 



Favorite Co Chocolat products:

Co Chocolat Traditional Mayan Hot Chocolatl
Traditional Mayan Hot Chocolatl
Co Chocolat Cacao Nibs
Cacao Nibs


Co: How did you discover Co Chocolat? 

Julie: I first came across Co Chocolat at Seva Experience Wellness Weekend. Eda Gungor, the owner of Seva Experience, came running over to me at the wellness market with beaming smiles saying, “You gotta try this chocolate”. Haha. I knew it was good if Eda liked it. 

I had a cup of hot chocolatl in their tent and the rest is history –hooked ever since. It tastes like pure joy and happiness. So happy to find a pure and raw chocolate brand.  


Co: Your page @julesandnomads  is filled with inspiring and helpful posts for everyone who would like to adopt healthier well-being whether it be physical or mental health. What made you start an IG page with this concept? 

Julie: It’s my passion! Feeling good –like euphoric awesome feelings with all things natural. I want to go back to nature, show others that the best medicine is found through yoga, nature, plants, and meditation. It’s all the things that make me happy and I want to share to this world with like-minded souls and inspire others, support the planet to live chemically free. 


Co: What led you to get into this fit and healthy lifestyle? 

Julie: I love to feel good and be at my greatest energy. Like everyone, I just want to be me and happy. I went through a year of feeling low, exhausted, fatigued, and not myself at all. That’s what kick started my holistic and natural remedy journey to heal. I always intuitively choose to heal with holistic ways, use natural skin products, and eat plant-based. I also had all sorts of skin allergies and eczema growing up. My mother always chooses natural lotions and potions for me –ones that really work! 


Co: If you have one healthy habit that you can never live without, what would it be? 

Julie: My sleep, of course, and your cacao!


Co: Many people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Would you have any advice for those who have a hard time sticking to a healthy regimen?

Julie: Magnesium and vegan chocolate!! Take baby steps. Change or add one thing at a time. Don’t be too hard on yourself too. Try everything! No one has the same healing journeys. Go on your own unique journey to wellness and sublime consciousness! Practice meditation or a ritual you want to bring into your life every day by showing up for yourself. Gets easier when you look at it like that. Also, try to do something new for 40 days to see the full effects. It really works immensely when you practice for 40 days every day. Be kind to yourself, too. It’s the best medicine!

 Jules and Nomads


What we love about her:

She is a ray of sunshine once you meet her in real life! Chocolates bring happiness and joy to people and this is what @julesandnomads is all about. Her remedies and routines help people get better sleep and a more positive outlook in life.


Dubai, UAE

In Instagram, she is @camiohara 

To us, she is the lady with the big heart who is sheltering twenty one abandoned cats in their family villa. Cami says that the pretty cats get easily adopted, but the paralyzed ones, the normal stray cats are often left unloved and unsheltered. So in 2008, Cami began this act of kindness and before she knew it, she had twenty one babies to take care of. 

Cami O'Hara


Favorite Co Chocolat products:

Cami: I am all  about the chocolatier essentials –the nibs, the butter, the cacao powder are some of my favourites.

Co Chocolat Chocolatier Essentials
 Co Chocolat Chocolatier Essentials


Co: How did you discover Co Chocolat? 

Cami: From the first glimpses of the business plan to the farmers

Interaction - I’ve been in the Co Chocolat journey from the very beginning. I genuinely felt that it was a brilliant idea at the beginning and it would be a long-standing business in the long run.


Co: Besides your furry friends, your page is also filled with positivity and kindness. With everything that's going on in the world today, what helps keep you positive and grounded?

Cami: Exercise, my close circle of friends and my hubby keep me positive every day; what keeps me grounded: my parents; and the world today humbles me.


What we love about her:

Cami is so full of love and finds beauty in things that some people don’t get to take notice of. Not only does she take good care of her loved ones and her pets, she also knows how to be kind to herself and keep things positive and happy. That to us is beautiful and something we would want our community to be inspired with.


Fujeirah, UAE

In Instagram, he is @amigo0os 


Favorite Co Chocolat products:

Co Chocolat's Monster Cookie Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl


Co Chocolat's Monster Cookie Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl 


Co: How did you discover Co Chocolat? 

Amjad: I have a friend who got hooked to their monster cookies. So I tried them and there you go, I became a cookie monster too! I visited their pop up in Ripe Market in 2019.


Co: What made you go into health and fitness? 

Amjad: I was committed to having a healthier lifestyle to have more energy.

Co: Your page is very aspirational and your posts are full of life and adventure. How did you get into this journey?

Amjad: I am very interested in sports and I like adventures and discovering new experiences.


Co: Many people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Would you have any advice for those who have a hard time sticking to a healthy regimen?

Amjad: Healthy food makes your body more energetic and it motivates you to try different types of sports.


What we love about Amjad:

He is well-rounded, down to earth, and it’s inspiring how he keeps a very active lifestyle. You will be amazed by his fun adventures through his Instagram account. He is so driven and has so much zest for life and he does this all without forgetting to be fit and healthy. We’re glad our Monster Cookies keep him company in his adventures!

We are looking forward to more amazing people becoming a part of our Community! Getting to know their stories and their journeys give us more reasons to create Finally, Truly Healthy Chocolates®.

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