The Journey is You….at Seva

As one enters Seva, you are greeted with the saying, “YOU ARE THE JOURNEY”. It is a reminder that there is much to discover about ourselves and that we are never just as we are. We choose to show up for ourselves, we choose to seek who we are, and we choose what we become. We at Co Chocolat believe strongly in this and it manifests as we create flavors, choose ingredients and partner with farmers.


With everything that’s happening in the world today, this becomes difficult to remember. There is a lot of space for more mindfulness, empathy, kindness, and peace. We need communities that foster selflessness, self-realization, and self-actualization more than ever. This is the @SevaExperience.

 Seva is an ancient Sanskrit term that means “rooted in selfless service for the betterment of the community”. I find it amazing that there is a word for this very concept. Once you assign a name or a term for something, you give it life and you acknowledge its value.

 Over the past few weeks, we have had the pleasure to be a part of the Seva community through our Finally, Truly Healthy Chocolates® and it was nothing short of amazing. This is a community of people who are genuinely kind, positive, and encouraging. They help people find balance and joy through holistic approaches that promote wellness and self-discovery.

With that, we are more than happy and grateful to announce to you that we will continue to share our vegan Co Chocolat creations in Seva on all weekends of February. Come and say hi! We would love for you to come and discover the Seva Experience for yourself. Enjoy the company of like-minded people and the amazing energy in their ethereal gardens. While you’re at it, grab a cup of Hot Chocolatl or a bite of our Monster Cookies. Everything will be vegan and refined sugar-free!


 How to get to SEVA

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