Community Feature

Our Community Feature for the month of July!

While sharing the goodness of Finally, Truly Healthy chocolates® , our community has grown as clients have become friends.

Introducing to you three of our friends from our Co Chocolat Community, @gojackiego

Find out about their chocolate favorites and their individual passions that have been truly inspirational for us.

We share with them the same values and love for honestly good chocolates while they too want our cacao farmers to prosper. These fun encounters that started with chocolates and food eventually lead to interesting and inspiring conversations. We discovered their passions through these exchanges and with our community growing bigger and more diverse each day, we figured it would just be awesome if we can inspire more people with fun and interesting features about our friends in the Co Chocolat Community.

Our spotlight this month is on one of the most inspirational ladies we met here at Co Chocolat. The first time @gojackiego ordered from us, she asked for complete nutritional facts and was picky about ingredients, BUT, she did it with class! Kind and polite, a lovely person beyond Instagram. She eats clean, religiously exercises (up at 5 am!), has perfected her handstand, and works hard to keep a good home for her two kids and lovely husband... she keeps it real. One of those beautiful inside-out people. She regularly orders our conscious cookies that are vegan, GF, cane sugar free and gifts friends with our mendiants. This momma is one of Dubai's finest.

We asked her some questions and here are her insightful responses:

Co Chocolat: With so many mommies struggling to keep a healthy, fit-focused routine, how do you manage to do it? We see you up at 5 am.. you're doing pilates, yoga, jogging and keeping a really clean diet!

Jackie: My WHY behind my healthy habits run deep. Beyond the physique effects of working out & eating nutrient dense foods, it’s really because I want to live long enough to continue doing what I do (in my 80s or 90s) to be able to still run, do Pilates, lift weights, travel and see the world & even take care of my grandchildren (if my kids will have kids of their own). I treat working out at an important appointment I couldn’t afford to miss & eating a balanced meal 80 nutritious & 20 fun/soul food. It’s all about doing small things today that your future self will thank you for —this in itself is the motivation that gets me doing what I do daily.

Co Chocolat:  You've been in Dubai with your family for about two years now, what have you grown to love in this city and in UAE as a country ?

Jackie: I love how everything feels so easy here. You get to go the beach within a 5 minute drive, food options are endless, activities for kids & family, abundance in parks & open spaces. Let’s not forget how safe my family & I feel!

Co Chocolat:  What's your and your family's favorite Co Chocolat products and why?

Jackie: My family loves the hot chocolate! Easy to whip up perfect for winter. My favorite is always That Skinny plus all the cookies (yes even the Monster ones I eat!) and recently we discovered the Rocher Tumbler and it was so good we finished the tub in one sitting!




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