Blog: Community Feature for the Month of February

While sharing the goodness of Finally, Truly Healthy Chocolates®, our community has grown as clients have become friends.⁠

This month we shine our spotlight to Razan Khalaf, An artist, a designer, and a certified healthy chocolover. She is a cherished member of the Co community.

Curious to learn more about Razan, we asked her a few questions:
1. Where did you first heard about Co Chocolat?
I met a lovely couple a few years back (Jose & Miharu) who recommended I'd visit Co Chocolat's stand at Burj Park, and since they're foodies like me, I knew I had to, no questions asked. I headed there, tried the hot chocolate, and once I was warnly welcomed by Luchie & Iman, I knew I've found my 'chocolate fam' especially that I don't actually eat alot of chocolate in general, but there's something about Co Chocolat that gets you hooked.
2. How should we describe your work/your vocation/your passion? And what do you find most fulfilling about it?
I am a graphic designer with a minor in conceptual photography! Love what I do. I used to design luxury wedding invites for 6 years and fell in love with being part of a couple's big day, and up until today, luxury invites and packaging still amaze me, that's why Co Chocolat's branding is one of my fave; the details, patterns and choices of color really do bring out the best of the brand.

3. How have your life experiences and exposure to different cultures influenced the way you see the world?
Ohhhh, I was born and raised in Jordan, and to be quite frank, I wasn't around many cultures as most were from my nationality, however after moving to Dubai 23 years ago, I was mesmerized by my infatuation with different cultures and their cuisines, their traditions and their langauges. I often find myself drawn into any individual who speaks a different language, loves to eat and has good taste in music, and in the UAE, I've found many!

4. Any advice for our community specially those whom you feel are exploring?
Keep exploring! Take the metro and let it take you to an unknown destination. Go down, walk in the area, have a cup of tea from any vendor and just OBSERVE. The birds, the kids, the people, the cars - enjoying those little moments make you appreciate how a busy city like Dubai can also be serene when you simply just let it.
5. Which Co Chocolat products do you love the most?
Recently, the iced hot chocolate, WOW! I also love the choco bombs, the bon bons and hoping to try the ube bar soon (if it is still available)

Co Community Feature of the Month
What do they all have in common? The same values and love for honestly good chocolates while savoring wellness and health may it be physical or mental.

Those fun encounters with our customers that started with chocolates and food eventually led to interesting, and inspiring conversations. We discovered their passions through these exchanges and with our community growing bigger and more diverse each day, we figured it would just be awesome if we can inspire more people with fun and interesting features about our friends in the Co Chocolat Community.

Could you be our next featured member?

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