202302 Hot Chocolate with Adaptogens

Adaptogenic Hot Chocolates this Ramadan

Whether fasting this Ramadan or simply a fit foodie, these dark hot chocolate with adaptogens are perfect to improve mood, skin and gut health.

Co Chocolat released this winter a new line of traditional hot cocoa that includes five adaptogenic herbs. These are perfect for people who are looking after their gut health specially after fasting, on keto or low-carb diet, or even those who simply wish to enjoy cacao as a daily health drink.  What’s truly exciting about these new adaptogenic hot cocoa is they give the added benefit of adaptogens as it manages external stresses to the body. 

What are adaptogens? They are plant substances (typically herbs) that have been discovered to assist human bodies in managing stress and maintaining balance or homeostasis. In other words, they aid in the adaptation to environmental stimuli. Adaptogens can boost energy, calm mood, and improve performance and concentration by improving our internal systems. With these adaptogens added to cacao, which is already a superfood that is full of magnesium and is the highest source of plant-based iron, chocoholics will be in for a real treat. 

In 2019, co-founder sisters Luchie and Iman Suguitan shifted the drinking chocolate scene in the UAE when Co Chocolat introduced pure cacao tablets as a pantry item that can be enjoyed at home. They used slow, medium roasted cacao and made these tablets devoid of palm oil and emulsifiers. They already have five flavors which come in vegan and cane sugar-free options and has a light consistency after being whisked with freshly-boiled water. Their hot cocoa drinks are very mildly sweetened so they are delightful to drink even on the hottest days in the UAE. Their aim is to bring back cacao as a staple health drink, which is something the ancient Aztecs and Mayans were known for. The latter were the first people to discover the delicious flavor produced when seeds of the cocoa pods are dried and roasted. Cacao was held in such high esteem in those days that they called it “food of the gods” or theobroma cacao.  The Mayans were also the first to make hot chocolate by cooking crushed cacao, cashew and chili together and drank it to build stamina. Unknown to many, the word “chocolate” came from the Mayan word “xocolatl” which meant “bitter water”.

Co Chocolat now introduces three new flavors with community herbalist and kundalini teacher Julie Evans. We asked what the inspiration was for creating these new flavors and maître chocolatier Luchie Suguitan told us, "My sister used to take ashwagandha tablets years ago to manage anxiety so this herb is very familiar to us. While I know red ginseng to be a staple in Eastern medicine when it comes to building immunity and increasing energy. We consulted with Julie about doses and a year later, here we are. We really take seriously our promise of delivering deliciously healthy chocolates."

How to make them? Put 3 tablets (30 grams) on 200 ml of freshly boiled water. Whisk for a minute and enjoy. 

Adaptogenic Hot Choco Bullet Points:

  • Flavor name: Keep Calm, Drink Me
  • 50% Dark hot choco with ashwaganda, maca, and vanilla beans. 

    Adaptogenic, Vegan, GF, Cane Sugar-free, Soy-free. Contains 100 mg of Ashwaganda and Maca per 1 serving of hot chocolatl (3 tablets = 30 grams)

    Adaptogens like Maca and Ashwagandha boost the body's well-being and reduce inflammation, as well as aid in the connection between the nervous and immune systems. Vanilla bean extract is a remedy for stress and anxiety. It makes sense that taking these two herbs together, maca for its energy-increasing effects, and ashwagandha for its positive effects on muscle mass, could be a great natural performance-boosting combination.

    Blurb: Keep Calm, Drink Me is the perfect drink for those days when you simply need to keep your cool. 

    Per 30 gram serving, 142 Calories (kcal) from fat. 

  • Flavor name: La Vie En Rose
  • Rose-infused dark chocolate hot cocoa with 7 grams collagen per 30 gram serving. This new hot cocoa variant from our new adaptogenic line is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties. It is extremely beneficial to the digestive system and also aids in the maintenance of liver health. 

    Rose Oil stimulates the circulation of blood to all the organs, keeping your body healthy. It can protect from viral and bacterial infections that occur internally and externally. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac and can bring back libido.

    Collagen is a protein in the body that makes up many tissues and organs. Supplementing with the protein may help preserve skin health, muscle mass, bones, and joints.

    Blurb: A little bit of Rose, a dash of Collagen, a sprinkle of Happiness and a whole lot of chocolates. La Vie En Rose.

    Per 30 gram serving, 152 Calories (kcal) from fat.

  • Flavor name: Laser Focus
  • Orange infused 50% dark chocolate with Korean Red Ginseng extract.

    200 mg of Korean Red Ginseng Root Extract per 1 serving of hot chocolatl (3 tablets = 30 grams). Vegan.

    Orange essential oil has many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and more. Red Ginseng has many benefits to your body including improving your immune system, control your blood sugar levels, and improve concentration.

    Blurb: The drink you need when there are a million things going on around you and you just want to zoom in on one thing.  

    Per 30 gram serving, 144 Calories (kcal) from fat.

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    About Co Chocolat

    Co-founders Luchie and Iman are certified “Cacao Doctors” after they were able to directly grow cacao trees in their farm after one year of graduation in 2015. They co-founded the social enterprise www.OFWparasaMagsasaka.com in 2016 and continue to empower farmers through healthy chocolates. Their farm-to-table factory is in Warsan 3, Dubai. 

    Chef Luchie as she is now called by her team of chocolatiers, not only dictates roasting profiles at the cacao farm level, but she also creates all the recipes that Co Chocolat creates here in the UAE. She accomplished her chocolate education in the USA for bean-to-bar chocolate-making and furthered it by attending the school of Valrhona, France in Tain L’Armitage making her the UAE’s first and only maître chocolatier from farm-to-bar. People will see her in action in the factory and on school tours and will have dedicated time to talk to the youth about being both a social entrepreneur and a professional chef.

    Co Chocolat is a brand of Seeds Castle Food Manufacturing LLC. Seeds Castle is owned by Luchie Suguitan, Iman Suguitan both Filipino nationals and Fahad bin Jumaa of KSA.

    Instagram: @co_chocolat

    Website: www.cochocolat.com

    For more info and images/videos:

    Whatsapp and Mobile: Iman Suguitan – +971526931041 or Paula - +971582986871

    Email: info@cochocolat.com


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