202304 - The Trendy Ube Flavor Now in Chocolate Bars

The Trendy Ube Flavor Now in Chocolate Bars

Co Chocolat releases limited edition UBE a.k.a. purple yam chocolate bars in two exotic flavors. 

Homegrown UAE, ethical chocolate brand Co Chocolat introduces its limited edition chocolate bars featuring Purple Yam, a.k.a. UBE in Southeast Asia where this delicious, exotic rootcrop is commonly used as a traditonal dessert ingredient. These chocolate bars come in two new flavors: "Ooh Bae in the Tropics" and "Ooh Bae, My Heart". Made with white chocolate infused with Ube, these bars offer a range of health benefits.

Purple yams are an excellent source of carbs, potassium, and vitamin C, as well as phytonutrients and anthocyanins that have powerful antioxidant properties, helping to protect against cell damage and reduce the risk of cancer. The flavonoids found in purple yams may also help regulate blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

In two delightful flavors:

  •  "Ooh, Bae in the Tropics" is reminiscent of tropical summers. Munch on toasted coconut chips while you eat ice cream on a summer’s day… this is what it’s like eating this bar. It’s both familiar and yet exotic. Velvety and then crunchy.⁠ Coconut is an excellent source of healthy fats that can increase energy levels and metabolism. 

Ingredients:  Cacao Butter, milk powder, cane sugar, dehydrated purple yam, and dehydrated coconut chips.

Available in 65 grams

  •  "Ooh Bae, My Heart" is super smooth ube that melts in the mouth with a surprisingly delicate crunch of black sesame praline. Delicate hints of other roasted grains make this flavor quite complex, but surprise, it’s really just black sesame and our maître chocolatier's magic.⁠ Black sesame seeds contain many trace and macrominerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants that help reduce the risk of heart disease and fight cancer.

Ingredients:  Cacao Butter, milk powder, cane sugar, dehydrated purple yam and black sesame seeds.

Available in 65 grams

Available to order online at www.cochocolat.com or in their physical shops in the Dubai Mall, Sharjah Ladies Club or in their factory in Warsan 3.

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About Co Chocolat

Co Chocolat is a farm-to-table, single-origin, artisanal, handcrafted chocolate brand. It is a women-led, homegrown UAE, family-run brand.

Co-founders and sisters Luchie and Iman are certified “Cacao Doctors” after they were able to directly grow cacao trees in their farm after one year of graduation in 2015. They co-founded the social enterprise www.OFWparasaMagsasaka.com in 2016 and continue to empower farmers through healthy chocolates.

Chef Luchie as she is now called by her team of chocolatiers, not only dictates roasting profiles at the cacao farm level, but she also creates all the recipes that Co Chocolat produces here in the UAE. She accomplished her chocolate education in the USA for bean-to-bar chocolate-making and furthered it by attending the school of Valrhona, France in Tain L’Armitage making her the UAE’s first and only maître chocolatier from farm-to-bar.

 Instagram: @co_chocolat

Website: www.cochocolat.com

For more info and images/videos:

Whatsapp and Mobile: 

Iman Suguitan +971526931041 

Paula  +971582986871

Email: info@cochocolat.com

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