Community Feature: Love of What is Beautiful and New

One of the things we enjoy about sharing Finally, truly healthy chocolates ® through Co Chocolat is getting the chance to meet people who are passionate about their own craft and are amazingly talented at what they do. That’s why we are so pleased to introduce our first Community feature of the year, Yara Sharif. She’s an architect and a wonderful artist. Her inspiringly beautiful works of art are showcased through her instagram handle, @yara_neo.philia.




Co: What are your favorite Co Chocolat products?

Yara: My favorite Co Chocolat Bars are Matcha flavor or Eat Your Greens and No stress here. For hot chocolate, I love Traditional Mayan Hot Chocolatl. Actually, I drink it everyday. It’s full of magical spices that you can taste and feel. I just love it!



Co: How did you discover Co Chocolat?

Yara: I heard about Co Chocolat 2 years ago when, Nada Juma, a colleague in our field and a lovely influencer and artist was showing in an Instagram story this healthy chocolate bar she got from Co Chocolat.

The idea grabbed my attention so much and I was checking other products they have. It was so mesmerizing with all these details. Coinciding with giving birth to my second baby, I needed these healthy chocolate bars so much. And I went for a whole box of chocolate bars with all flavors plus all kinds of hot chocolate they had.

And from that day on I ordered regularly and eat it mostly as a snack at work.



Just like Yara, we shower our craft with so much love and dedication. We are even more inspired to continue on with our chocolate journey because we get to share it with creative and passionate people like her. As inspired by her instagram page, @yara.neophilia – neophilia meaning love of what is beautiful and new, we look forward to meeting lovely and wonderful people like Yara Sharif in our growing Co Chocolat Community!

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