Vegalicious Bundle

Dhs. 90.00
Dhs. 90.00

Voted by vegans and enjoyed by everyone and if you’re feeling extra happy, why not have this in our natural sinamay wrap and gift  to someone special? You’ll get 5 pcs of 30-gram bars in flavors: High on Happy, That Skinny, Gold Bar, Wideawake and Post Workout Luvv. The beautiful sinamay wrap should you choose the gift option comes from the uber-sustainable abaca tree used in olden times as ropes in ships. Flavor descriptions below.

That Skinny - 60% Dark Chocolates with Coconut Sugar, with Skinny Nuts

We all want to be fit and healthy and some of us... just want to be skinny! This one’s for the choco addict who wants the nuts low in fat, the sugar natural and low in the glycemic index and, the cacao delish. The next smaller shirt size, please!


High on Happy - 60% Dark Chocolate with Coconut Sugar

The bar which makes people happy. Everyone thinks it has milk because it’s creamy and fudgy, but it doesn’t! Just the goodness of coconut sugar and the fine flavor of our single origin cacao. Friendly to diabetics, weight-watchers yet perfect for those who


Post-Workout Luvv - 90% Dark Choco Rich in Protein 

Whoever said gyms and chocolates don’t mix haven’t heard about this healthy bar yet. 90% dark chocolate from slow, medium roasted cacao beans delight taste buds while it makes for a good recovery snack, fortified with plant protein + all those healthy seeds. Mild sweetness comes from banana chips, dates and a tiny, tiny bit of coconut sugar. Great work-outs deserve great recoveries.


8:01 Chocolate Mint

We’re going to be cheeky taking inspiration from a famous  after dinner palate-cleansing treat that won’t induce diabetes. It's chocolate with refreshing mint…
because it’s about time.

INGREDIENTS: 60% Whole Cacao Beans, coconut sugar, cane sugar, sunflower oil and peppermint essential oil.


Bronzed and Skinny

What’s sexier than That Skinny? Well, bronzed and skinny! Our bestselling That Skinny bar of 60% dark with low-fat nuts and coconut sugar is kissed by bits of golden, candied orange.

INGREDIENTS: 60% Whole Cacao Beans, coconut sugar, almond nuts, chestnuts and candied orange.

Allergen: Produced in a facility that handles dairy and nuts. Please check individual wrapping for allergen details.


Click here for full details and nutritional info of individual choco bars.

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