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Dear Ahsant Partner,

Thank you for making 2019 a truly unforgettable year for Team Ahsant! You have been part of our journey to excellence and success and below is a small token of thanks for helping us to move forward and work even better to serve you!

Part of improving is to stay moving with the changing times. One of the trends we noticed is that we truly now live in an age of individual taste, of customization and of a deeper consciousness of what’s healthy and environmentally-friendly. We are now more aware that the resources we have as humans is finite. WE SIMPLY CANNOT BE WASTEFUL. That applies both to our planet and to the greatest machine ever built – our bodies; hence our theme #healthgoals as we enter 2020.

Have a look at your gifting options below. By doing this, we hope that we don’t further contribute to the earth’s unwanted pile of equipment/items/gifts/tokens and wasted food. We also hope that your gift inspires you to be fit and healthy as we enter 2020!

We partnered with Co Chocolat, finally truly healthy chocolates. Check what suits your taste whether they’re bars of dark chocolate, their traditional hot chocolatl for cool mornings and evenings, cacao nibs you can put in your oats, their ground cacao for cooking, or their Gianduja which is the very original nut spread (not the N*tella which is 80% just palm oil and sugar!). 😃 But whatever you choose, they will help you be healthier. We have also given you some gift options which will complement your quest for a healthy lifestyle. We are ultra excited with this collaboration and hope that you enjoy this FIRST.


Start working on your #healthgoals!

Option A: 1 Chocolate Bar + 1 Cacao Nibs + 1 Ground Cacao + 1 Hot Chocolatl 100g + 1 Smart fitness watch


Option B: 1 Chocolate Bar + 1 Cacao Nibs + 1 Ground Cacao + 1 Gianduja Peanut Butter Swirl + 1 Smart fitness watch



Option C: A5 Notebook-Style Water Bottle + 1 Hot Chocolatl Mug + 2 Chocolate Bars + 1 Gianduja in Hazelnut + 1 Cacao Nibs + 1 Ground Cacao



Tell us the gift of your choice and how you want to receive it.

Please note that your gift is non-transferrable.  Submit your order until 20th December 2019.

To find out more about Co Chocolat’s commitment to health, to the fine art of cocoa gastronomy and its commitment to the farming communities.

 Don't forget to also check out our Winter Gifting options.

Best regards,



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