Copy of #healthgoals




Dear Partner,

Allow us to thank you through blah blah, below are four healthy options which we hope blah blah

Option A: A5 Notebook-Style Water Bottle + 2 Chocolate Bars + 1 Cacao Nibs + 1 Ground Cacao + 1 Hot Chocolatl 100g


Option B: 1 Hot Chocolatl Mug + 1 Chocolate Bar + 1 Cacao Nibs + 1 Ground Cacao + 1 Gianduja Peanut



Option C: 1 Hot Chocolatl 250g + 1 Bar + 1 Cacao Nibs + 1 Ground Cacao



Tell us the gift of your choice and how you want to receive it.


To find out more about Co Chocolat’s commitment to health, to the fine art of cocoa gastronomy and its commitment to the farming communities.


Best regards,