Sharing is Caring - Ramadan 2024 Edition

Dhs. 239.00
Dhs. 239.00

This lavish Art Deco Box contains:

  • Mendiants in Cube - Mendiants are the chocolate treat for that clean gut which has just come from a day of fasting or detox.

Our 60% dark chocolate flavors “High on Happy” and “That Skinny” are the base for the mendiant that is sweetened with the mega-, superfood dates and a dash of coconut sugar.

  • 65% Classic Dark Single Serve Hot Chocolatl - Real 65% dark chocolate in tablet form. Not powder!

This flavor is for purists who want to drink real hot chocolatl, no dairy. Just real cacao, medium and slow roasted combined with cane sugar.

  • That Skinny 30 Grams - This one’s for the choco addict who wants the nuts low in fat Chestnuts and Almonds, and coconut sugar that is natural and low in the glycemic index and, the cacao delish.
  • In The Mood 30 Grams - a classic blend of only two ingredients – 65% cacao and cane sugar. Perfect for dark chocolate connoisseurs who want the unadulterated, fine-flavor taste of single-origin chocolate.
  • Post-workout luvv 30 Grams - 90% dark chocolate from slow, medium roasted cacao beans delight taste buds while it makes for a good recovery snack, fortified with plant protein + all those healthy seeds.
  • Going Nuts 30 Grams - Crunch and munch on those proteins and healthy oil from hazelnuts and peanuts. Sweet and creamy, all kids at heart love this classic milk blend.
  • 8:01 30 Grams - It’s chocolate with refreshing mint in 60% cacao sweetened with coconut sugar.
  • Power Up 30 Grams - Energize with these crunchy nuts, that perfect 60% dark and all those healthy fruits and nuts balanced by the sour surprise of cranberry.

Sleeve design options and logo sticker available for customization.

Min. Order Quantity for customized logo/branding: 12 units

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