Laughter is the best medicine and chocolate is the best therapy! 

Introducing: Co Chocolat’s Chocolate Therapy. It’s the happiest healthy subscription on the planet!

Get yourself and your loved ones a regular healthy dose of flavanoids and the “bliss molecule”, anandamide. Your chocolate therapy subscription is delivered right to your doorstep. Save precious time and automate your chocolate fix!


With a chocolate subscription, we will deliver the freshest fine-flavor, Finally, Truly Healthy Chocolates® made from single-origin Agusan del Sur cacao beans.  From pure cacao ingredients you can use to whip up your own favorite chocolate treats, smoothies, and pastries, to freshly made choco bars, gianduja spreads, monster-sized cookies, chocolate pastries, beautifully handcrafted bonbons, and stamina-enhancing chocolatl drinks. All our chocolate goodies are made with natural ingredients without additives, preservatives, or extenders.

Warning: We are not just after satiating the sweet tooth. A good dose of energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers, grains, nuts, dates, Moringga, Oleic acid (olive oil), and other ancient healing ingredients come with our chocolate products.

Each Chocolate Therapy box will be curated according to your health and wellness goals. Let us know what kind of chocolate surprise you’d like by choosing any of the following diets:

  • Generally Healthy Diet
  • A Vegan Diet
  • Vegan, Diabetic-friendly Diet
  • Non-vegan, Diabetic-friendly Diet

We’re telling you, chocolate therapy is crucial to your health and wellness. Plus, you get your yummies too!

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Solo Box

Get solo-sized servings of our deliciously healthy Co Chocolat treats. #treatyourself


Sharing Box

If sharing is caring, then get a box that’s good for two. Duo-sized because chocolate is more fun when shared!


Family Box

Got more than one person to share with? Get the Family Box and share the happy treats with the entire family!



Chocolate Therapy gets even more interesting after your second-month subscription --more surprise products FREE! Co Chocolat is all about creating yummy and truly healthy chocolate experiences. As part of the Chocolate Therapy subscription, you get to sample new flavors and new cocoa products before they are even made available to the public. We value your opinion and we want YOU to have a say when we create healthy, flavorful chocolates!
Get your happy and healthy on with Co Chocolat’s Chocolate Therapy!


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