Cacao beans may look like your average crop but despite its unassuming appearance, it holds wonders beneficial to one’s overall well-being. In fact, during ancient times, cacao has been valued more than gold due to its medicinal, spiritual and healing properties. Up to now, cacao is still highly sought after and has earned the tag ‘superfood’, this is because it’s packed with numerous dietary benefits such as anti-oxidants, lipids, fiber, and minerals.

All these healthy reasons are enough to encourage us to finally, truly bring the 'superhero' back to its rightful place -- the superfood cacao as hero ingredient of every chocolate product and dish we create. You will now see chocolates without much sugar, milk or vanilla because we don't want the flavor of our premium cacao beans masked. Join us as we learn more about our superhero Cacao!

Luchie Suguitan eating the real chocolate bar - cacao fruit


Cacao contains polyphenols that prohibits oxidation of the body’s molecules. It neutralizes and removes free radicals in the bloodstream that might cause chronic diseases.


In a controlled study made by the Penn State University, it showed that eating dark chocolates and nuts regularly have favorable effects in Coronary Heart Disease. [2] The study showed that chocolate and almond diet provided a great decrease in small dense LDL particles.


A diet rich in fiber prevents constipation, controls blood sugar, and helps in lowering the cholesterol.


Cacao is noted to be an excellent source of magnesium. [4] Magnesium is an antiarrhythmic and hypotensive agent, and its deficiency has been linked to the metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabetes. Other minerals found in cacao are iron, copper, potassium and zinc.

Other Cacao Benefits

Relieves Asthma

Cacao may help in [8] providing relief in bronchial asthma by relaxing and opening constricted bronchial tubes.

Enhances Mood

Cacao improves positive mood as well. Studies have shown that its flavonols helps combat depression and it also promotes aphrodisiac effects [9] by releasing serotonin and phenylethylamine that enhances mood and attention.

Improves Skin Care

According to a publication by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, [10] researchers suggest that cacao extract may offer a protective effect that reduces wrinkle formation. It also boosts skin by improving blood flow, skin density and hydration.

With all these evidence-based studies that promote the health benefits of cacao, you may now enjoy your dark chocolate without guilt. After all, cacao is known as  ‘food for the gods’.  

History of Chocolates

Mayan cooking hot chocolate

Have you ever wondered, where this piece of oozing bittersweet, yummy, dark square shaped food called chocolate originated from? Click here to go back in chocolatey history.




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