Luchie Suguitan

L U C H I E    S U G U I T A N

Cat lady. Comebacking triathlete. Eats chocolate cake for breakfast. Lean and athletic as a child, but struggled with fluctuating weight as an adult. Chocolate Maker, Chocolatier, Cacao Doctor and co-founder to our social enterprise. Sometimes in spandex


I M A N    S U G U I T A N

Reinvented the word "busy". Healthnut. CEO and co-founder to our social enterprise. Cacao Doctor to our farms. Managing Director to Ex-physical therapist and Les Mills Body Jam instructor. Tea junkie.




I R E N E    I G M E D I O

Dragon lady. Bought wholesale all cardiovascular conditions - mild stroke, heart bypass,  angioplasty, diabetic. Holds a stock of nitroglycerin everywhere she goes (what it’s for? Ask families of heart attack patients). More than fifty years culinary experience. Cacao doctor and mother to the founders. Persuaded (uhrm..often forced) by children to eat healthy.




Industrial designer and illustrator who considers writing a necessary and beautiful art. Spends her days indulging in art, music, books, puzzles, and snacks - healthy ones, of course!

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