Join us as we spread #CacaoLove educating choco-lovers about the farm-to-bar process of making single-origin chocolates. Tasting sessions and hands-on cooking and chocolate-training with professional Chocolatemaker-Cacao Doctor Luchie Suguitan follow the free lecture.

 **Luchie gained the title of Maître Chocolate Maker from Ecole Chocolat, Professional School of Chocolate Arts in Canada in June 2016. In September 2016 she completed her Chocolate Maker Master Program in Michigan, USA and in April 2017, successfully completed her chocolate bonbons program in Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in Tain-l'Hermitage, France.

She is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Co Chocolat and agricultural social enterprise OFW para sa Magsasaka (OPM), head of products and post-harvest of cacao and is the maitre chocolatier or master chocolate-maker. She is a certified cacao doctor after completing hands-on farm training and being able to increase cacao crop production in their own farms in OPM.

Lecture & Tasting – 45 mins FREE 

Objectives of the lecture and tasting:

• Understand the health benefits of cacao and begin to choose healthy chocolates.
• Distinguish single-origin, fine flavor chocolates
• Appreciate the benefits of farm-to-bar/cup/table process.
• Make sustainable food choices by being aware of chocolate traceability and the farming communities affected by your purchase.
• Be inspired how passion can become a business.

Book here: (Please contact +97155-840-1980 if you have any booking question)


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