“Tis the season to be jolly” was the original cover of this winter brochure, but since 2020 is just so very different from any winter we’ve enjoyed in the past, we thought “jolly” sounded incomplete and pre-pandemic. Winter 2020 will be the season we’ll think of people who have warmed our hearts but we can’t spend time with now. We’ll remember years when we said “we’ll do this and we’ll do that”… but we didn’t. So let this season be the time to appreciate things we used to take for granted - travel, freedom, space, time, health, safety… Now we know they were never entitlements but privileges.

We hope that you take time to breathe in the cool, perfect weather upon us – even with mask on. May you care for your health more, and may you enjoy the coming months with your loved ones (in person or over zoom) – perhaps sipping a cup of our traditional hot chocolatl or sharing a box of our healthy chocolatesfrom our farms to your table, from our family to yours.



Luchie & Iman




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