New Kids on the Block

Dhs. 72.00
Dhs. 72.00

Get to know these 4 cool, new flavors, and if feeling generous, why not have this in our natural sinamay wrap and gift  to someone special? You’ll get 4 pcs of 30-gram bars in flavors: Affogato, Bronzed and Skinny, 8:01 and It’s Jandooy, NOTella. The beautiful sinamay wrap should you choose the gift option comes from the uber-sustainable abaca tree used in olden times as ropes in ships. Flavor descriptions below.


Coffee with a swirl of sweet cream and milk chocolate. Sounds like a dream. Another affogato cup please! I mean bar!

INGREDIENTS: Dark Milk Chocolate (whole cacao beans, cow’s milk and sugar), Coffee, White chocolate (cacao butter, sugar and cow’s milk), Sugar and vanilla bean.


8:01 Chocolate Mint

We’re going to be cheeky taking inspiration from a famous  after dinner palate-cleansing treat that won’t induce diabetes. It's chocolate with refreshing mint…
because it’s about time.

INGREDIENTS: 60% Whole Cacao Beans, coconut sugar, cane sugar, sunflower oil and peppermint essential oil.


It's Jandooya Notella!

Our lovely classic chocolate hazelnut spread gianduja (pronounced JAN-DOO-YA) now in a scrumptious bar.  Reduced sugar, zero palm oil and loads of whole cacao;
this is the fit foodie’s choice, absolutely NOTella.

INGREDIENTS: Dark Milk Chocolate (whole cacao beans, cow’s milk and sugar) and 35% roasted hazelnuts


Bronzed and Skinny

What’s sexier than That Skinny? Well, bronzed and skinny! Our bestselling That Skinny bar of 60% dark with low-fat nuts and coconut sugar is kissed by bits of golden, candied orange.

INGREDIENTS: 60% Whole Cacao Beans, coconut sugar, almond nuts, chestnuts and candied orange.

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